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Simplify the customer experience
by making your site commercial!

Cliente sur son canapé  paie une commande sur internet avec sa carte bancaire
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Integrate a payment solution

Cash your customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day directly on your website thanks to our distance selling offers. A virtual POS and a distance selling contract, KyPay gets the solution.

Give all your customers the opportunity to pay where and when they want with omnichannel payment.

For all e-commerce software!

Our offer is compatible with all e-commerce software / ERP (Magento, Prestashop, Web & Solutions, Wordpress, WooCommerce...) and we can recommend you different payment solutions.

The advantages of distance selling

icone secure

Secure payment
PCI-DSS and PSD2 compliant


Monitoring of transactions
management of flows, customers and suppliers

methode a la carte

Payment methods
CB, VISA, Mastercard, link, SDD sampling

Distance selling contrat 99 €
Subscription to 35 € / month

0,9% + 0,09 €
transaction fee


Distance Selling Contract by KyPay

Distance selling contract

99 €


15 € / month

Transaction fees

0,9% + 0,09 €


Pro account

20 € / month

Mastercard (option)

10 € / month

Virtual POS


The KyPay distance selling contract is compatible with all secure solutions on the market

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